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Submission - Waterford Development Plan - Transport and Mobility.

Críostóir Ó Faoláin, the Green Party Local Area Rep for Dungarvan wrote to Waterford City and County Council in relation to Transport and Mobility as part of the consultation process for the Waterford Development Plan 2022-2028.

Críostóir Ó Faoláin said:

"Public policy has created an unsustainable and unhealthy reliance on private motor vehicles. Over ¾ of Waterford residents traveling to work and 60% of those travelling to school or college rely on private motor vehicles for their journey. The Council should recognise the vital role that public and active transport has to play in meeting the daily transport requirements of Waterford’s residents."

"Active travel is both healthy and environmentally sustainable. The potential that walking and cycling have to meet the daily transportation needs of Waterford residents has not been realised. This should be rectified under this development plan."

"The lack of safe infrastructure providing a network of uninterrupted routes giving access to the centre of towns and villages pushes residents to rely on private vehicles for short, easily walkable or cyclable journeys. Growing the proportion of residents walking or cycling to meet their daily transport needs would provide a more environmentally sustainable transport mix in Waterford and would deliver significant public health benefits."

Aighneacht | Submission

.12 - Transportation and Mobility

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